Know It All Books is dedicated to bringing you fun, educational book for children aged 4-7.

Children engage in science all the time. They are naturally curious; they interact with scientific concepts and actually employ the scientific method throughout the day. The goal of Know It All Books is to help them recognize the ways they interact with science and help them understand different scientific principles.

These books cover a range of topics and every book ends with a discussion page and an experiment!

About the Author

Michele Knowlton-Thorne is the mother of two children and a scientist. Her love for science started when she was in 2nd grade and read a picture book about the father of genetics Gregory Mendel and from that day forward she knew that she wanted to be a scientist. She graduated from Arizona State University with an undergraduate degree in Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology and a Master of Science degree. She worked as a geneticist for 5 years and has been published twice in peer reviewed journals. She is also the founder of DAMES Charities Inc, is raising two children on the autism spectrum, and is a fierce advocate for the disability community.